The Revolution - Living History in HB Central Park 

February 2022






The British are coming!

2021 Covid Update - As it stands presently it appears that large events like ours will be neither permissible nor advisable due to the ongoing pestilence. Though we cannot predict what February will look like - we are currently operating under the assumption that the Revolution will be delayed until 2022. Thank you for your continued support. God Save the King.  


The Huntington Beach Historical Society is proud to host this reenactment of the American Revolution in Huntington Beach Central Park, behind the library, on the site of our annual Civil War Days reenactment. Come experience the founding of our nation with some of the country's finest living history presenters. 


As always these events are absolutely free to the public. 

2020 Program - 


10:30AM – Artillery Demonstration ⚔

10:45 AM - Sword Demonstration ⚔ 

                      fencing with Major Beaumont

11AM - The Candlestick Players ✶

                      Conjuring, Theatre, & Puppets 

11:30AM -His Majesty's Forces' Manual of Arms ⚔

                      Marching with Britiſh Soldiers

11:45AM – His Majesty’s Generals ✶✶✶

                       Lord  Cornwallis & His Officers 

12PM - Great Moments with Dr. Franklin ✶


                        Battle of Lexington -  1775 

2 PM -An Audience with the Founders: ✶

              The Drafting of a Declaration of Independency 

2:45PM - The Council of War ✶✶✶

                    Washington & His Generals 

3:15PM - Amigos et frères ✶✶✶

                     Spain & France in the Revolution 

3:30PM -Gen.  Von Steuben's Drill Instruction✶

4PM - Musick Classics of the 70’s & 80’s ✶        

                     ft. Dead Man’s Waiſtcoat

4:30PM - The Princeton Muster ✶✶✶

                    General Washington Addreſses His Troops 

4:45PM - 18th Century Dancing ✶


                         Battle of Stony Point -  1779



9AM - Church Services (Open to Public) ✶

10AM - British Regimental Court Martial 🡩

10:30 AM - Artillery Demonstration ⚔


        Battle of White Plains - 1776

12PM - Sword Demonstration ⚔ 

        fencing with Major Beaumont

12:15PM - Great Moments with Dr. Franklin ✶

12:30PM - The Council of War ✶✶✶

                Waſhington & His Generals 

12:45PM - Amigos et frères ✶✶✶

                    Spain & France in the Revolution 

1PM - Gen.  Von Steuben's Drill Instruction ✶

1:15PM - An Audience with the Founders: ✶

                     Foundations of Our New Republic 

 1:30PM - 18th Century Dancing ✶


                  Battle of Princeton - 1777

3PM - His Majesty's Forces' Manual of Arms ⚔

                    Marching with Britiſh Soldiers

3:15PM - The Princeton Muster ✶✶✶ 

                    General Waſhington Addreſses His Troops

3:30PM - Musick Classics of the 70’s & 80’s ✶              

                    ft. Dead Man’s Waiſtcoat

✶Town Square  ⚔ On Battlefield   ✶✶✶ Washington’s HQ   🡩 British Camp  

Reenactor Information

2020 UPDATE​​

  • Reenactor Registration will be five Continental dollars, liability release forms and registration tickets will be available on site at the registration tent.

  • Above-ground fires only

  • Setup begins Friday 14 Feb. at 10AM  - enter off Gothard between Slater & Talbert Ave. 

  • Separate camps will be designated for His Majesty's forces and the Continental Army.

  • Civilian impressions welcome

  • Unit commanders must check in with the event director or reenactor coordinator​.

2020 Flyers

Continental Flyer

British Flyer

Rebellion in Huntington Beach


Our first Revolutionary War events began in the 1990s under the direction of the late Maureen Rivers, formerly of Lexington, Massachusetts and a great proponent of Early American history. These events began around the same time as our famous Civil War Days events and we are proud to now be expanding the Revolution into HB Central Park.